Mackenzie Zastrow

Experienced software engineer who strives to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies. Strong in frontend web technologies (HTML, JS/TS, React) and frontend desktop technologies (WPF, WinForms, .NET/C#). Proficient in AWS cloud technologies (Lambda, SQS, ApiGateway, CDK) as well as backend development (JVM/Kotlin).

Work Experience

  1. Amazon Web ServicesRemote2020 – present

    1. Software Development Engineer II 2022 – present

      • Independently designed and developed internal tooling to streamline diagnosis of operational issues, reducing the time to root-cause customer affecting problems
      • Organized and led cross-team initiative to deliver the frontend for SSO integration to enable enterprise customers to easily configure users and teams for Amazon CodeCatalyst
    2. Frontend Engineer II 2020 – 2022

      • Collaborated with PM, UX, and stakeholders to detail product requirements, organize feature roadmap, and prioritize feedback for new product development
      • Iteratively developed from ground-up a new user interface to enable customers to connect third-party services to first-party AWS services
      • Defined and reorganized team processes to improve operational efficiency and prioritize customer issues
  2. Cognex CorporationWest Allis, WI2012 – 2020

    1. Principal Software Engineer 2020 – 2020

      • Designed and implemented test automation framework that uses remote-code-execution technique to facilitate test development and improve product stability
    2. Senior Software Engineer 2018 – 2020

      • Developed customer-facing front-end to company’s next-gen deep-learning engine on smart cameras, enabling customers to solve difficult problems for traditional machine vision
      • Architected and implemented customer-facing utility to extract relevant logs, debug files, and relevant metadata to assist in resolving customer issues
      • Led escalation team to address high-priority customer problems in order to deliver solutions to bugs encountered in the field
    3. Associate/Software Engineer 2012 – 2018

      • Introduced and implemented team standards including coding guidelines, team-review process, and binary artifact packaging and consumption
      • Introduced and designed MVVM application architecture, streamlining development, reducing coupling, and increasing testability

Open Source & Hobbies

  • StackOverflow

    Top 5% in reputation site-wide and in C#; over total 80 answers, with a focus on C#, Visual Studio, WPF, and a dabbling in PHP/JavaScript

  • NUnit.ApplicationDomain


    Enables NUnit tests to execute independently in their own Application Domain; over 11 releases and 20+ resolved issues



    Warm-Reload for WPF applications allowing faster development by automatically reloading the control being programmed

  • Friendly Engine


    WYSIWYG Page/Control Designer inspired by Windows Forms Designer allowing pages to be designed in a straightforward manner